I am Anil G Kurian, a software engineer by profession. My interests also include Traveling, Photography, Blogging, Music, Reading etc.

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The Blog

This blog has mainly two categories of posts – Technology and Photography. Long ago I had them as two separate blogs – Anil’s GoogleAGK Photography. Both of them are combined together here and they are archived now.

Technology posts

Its my personal blog and does not represent the view and opinion of any of my employers. The intention of this blog is only knowledge sharing. I use Google a lot and it always helped me to reach to the websites which answered my questions. I hope someday someone will land in this blog with a Google search and find something useful.

Should you find any copyright issues please feel free to reach me or put it as a comment, I will ensure that your concern is addressed.

Photography Posts

Contains my personal experiences with Traveling & Photography. I love to travel to places where there is so much green. A Green landscape & clear blue sky always catch my eyes.

All the photographs in this blog are taken by me and they are copyright protected. If you would like to have the originals of any of them feel free to contact me.