Fishing at Tang

Wanted to go for some activities this time instead of just seeing some places. Found out a place for fishing after a lot of searches and phone calls. It was at a place called Tang, around 20KM from Athlone. One day before we went there to check the place and booked two boats. Next day with all preparations we six reached there in the morning. An old man was running it as a part time business there. He gave as two boats, life jackets, gears & prey for fishing. With lot of excitement & thrill we started our fishing. Till evening we spent there with the boats, had the food in between,which we were carrying. But didnt get even a single fish 🙂 none of us were neither experts in fishing nor has the patience. So we just enjoyed the boating and it was a great fun.

The weather was good, it was getting cloudy at times but did not rain. Overall it was a good experience and a must go.



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