Read a lot “Blackberry phones are famous for its message capabilities”, I wanted to experience this and got a chance finally. Yes, its very convenient for messaging, e-mail, phone calls, good clarity sound, battery backup etc. basically everything that is required for a “phone”. However I found the service plans for BIS is very expensive compared to normal Data plans so stopped using it. Its very useful for people who travel frequently.

This is a prepared shot of the phone, after many tries from different angles, lighting etc. Another photo which took a long time for me to prepare is this one.

 Blackberry Curve 9300
On the other hand following two pics are instant shots, not at all prepared. Another instant shot which I liked very much is this one. I never thought these pics would come good when I captured these.

The magazine she(my wife) is reading is “Vanitha” which means “Woman” in Malayalam. Its a very popular malayalam magazine. “Woman reading woman” would be my caption for the photo.


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