Fishing Camp

Team outing to Bheemeshwari Fishing camp, located on the banks of Cauvery river. It was about 100Km from Banglore City towards Kanakpura. We have started on Friday morning from office and reached there by 11. Except the last 10KM, roads were good. But it was very cloudy (as you can see in the photos), not a lucky day for a photographer. The river was also dry, the best time to visit this place is supposed to be after the monsoon. Anyway on the way back to Bangalore we have seen one of the strongest rainy night in this season.

After reading the book “Art of Photography” (recommended by my fav Ken Rockwell) I am coming up with more black and white photos. Ironically Rockwell always interested in very colorful photos and his recommended book is more biased towards B&W photos. Anyway the cloudy sky & dry weather didn’t give me any warm & colorful photos, so I didn’t have any other option.

And about the fishing, we didn’t get anything (didn’t even tried). Be it at Tang or Bheemeshwari, fishing is not seems to be my cup of tea.





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