Nandi Hills

Another early morning bike trip to Nandi Hills. We started from around 4.30 AM and reached there by 6.30. Weather was clear, not much mist this time compared to last trip. But it was very windy and cold though. Uphill driving in Bullet is always a pleasurable experience, you never feel under powered.

Reaching Nandi hills I was surprised to see a long queue at the ticket counter. It has become a very common weekend destination for Bangaloreans now.

on the way to Nandi Hills


An old room made carving a big rock (left). We went inside it and it felt like a jail room. I liked this picture very much especially with reduced saturation.
Another similar one. The colourful flowers covering this old left behind also hides the mystery feeling.
Walking around the hills
View from top of the hills (left). New arrangements for visitors (right)
Nandi hills is getting maintained better now.

3 thoughts on “Nandi Hills

  1. Hey Thr,

    Very nicely written with pics Me and my sister are planning to visit Nandi Hills on our Activa and wondering if the hill roads are safe to ride there and if there were many female riders there? Did you used to switch off the engine on downhill there on the way back? Need some tips, Thanks, Kusum


    1. Hi Kusum,

      The road is safe to drive and safe for female drivers also. Its not vey deserted area and you will see many visitors on the way. You may find it little difficult to climb up in Active with a pillion but you should be able to go.

      Switching off the engine while going downhill is not at all recommended anywhere. It will put unnecessary load on the breaks. Also if you are going uphill in the early morning try not to switch off the engine even if you are stopping for a sight seeing. Engine may not restart in such cold condition.



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