Meenakshi Resort

Team outing from office this time to Meenakshi Resort in Jigani. As it was near to Electronic City it was an easy option for me to drive there directly. The resort was an average one with only few activities like mist dance, go-karting, rope climbing etc. But the covered cricket ground was good enough for many to start the day with cricket.

The day was very hot and sunny as you can see from the pictures & most of us were completely drained-off by evening. Good thing was that they had some decent cottages for staying over. It wasn’t looking very impressive from outside but was different inside. Four of us stayed there over night and came back next day morning. Overall it was good experience especially because of the desperate need for an outing after months of hectic work.


Meenakshi Resort entrance and cottages


Dining area


 Basket Ball court & go-karting or whatever you call it is.


Mist dance


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