Keyboard shortcuts

The AWS Chief Evangelist – Jeff Barr listed that using of keyboard shortcuts is one of his personal productivity tip. This article says how can you save 8 days in an year by using keyboard shortcuts. I always prefer to use keyboard over mouse and I find its very effective. Keyboard shortcuts are mostly following similar pattern across applications and OSs. So most of the time you will be able to guess what would be the short-cut, for example Delete is “Ctrl+D” in Windows & just “D” in a Blackberry. To open a new Tab in any browser in any OS its “Ctrl+T” in Windows or “Command+T” in Mac.

When it comes to applications that you use professionally – be it a developer’s Eclipse or a designer’s Photoshop – all of them comes with rich set of keyboard shortcuts for most of the commonly used features. Start using them one by one and you will get used to it.

So next time when you misspell a word don’t keep pressing the Backspace key, instead just press “Ctrl+Backspace” in Windows or “Option+Delete” in Mac.


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