36 Palms, Cherai

If you are looking for a wonderful stay at a beach house in Kerala, 36 palms boutique retreat should be in your list. Located at Cherai in Cochin, its a very good place for family as well as for chilling out with friends. It started gaining popularity after being the shooting location for the Malayalam comedy-horror movie Pretham.

We stayed there for two nights and three days. It’s more of a premium home stay and not a resort type. They have less than 10 rooms and occupancy was minimum as it was off-season. It was nice to see how they kept the 36 palms in the property intact along with the construction. Food is available there but we preferred to go out and thoroughly enjoyed fresh sea foods from nearby local restaurants – Baby chettante kada & Sivan chettante kada. There are all kinds of restaurants, cafes and home stays available on the same road, so you will never go without options, but if you prefer authentic Kerala sea food I will recommend one of these local restaurants.



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