Birth place of coffee in India – Chikamagalur. It is about 5 hours drive from Bangalore via Hassan. Good choice for a weekend trip, but better if you can spare one more day.

We could see many Windmills on the way after Hassan. I always wanted to feel them very close and this time it happened. We took a deviation for about 5 Kms from the main road with the hope of reaching closer to them and finally ended up at the base of one! It was a great experience, the sound and feel of huge fan blades rotating just above your head was little scary at first. Watch a video here.


Stay at Taj Gateway hotel was excellent, same place where we stayed on my last trip with friends. The resort looked much beautiful this time, may be because I was less intoxicated.


Next day morning went to Mullayanagiri peak for quick visit. Didn’t go all the way till top like we did last time. Returned from there around noon and reached back home in Bangalore at 6pm.


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