Morning when I started riding to Poonjar from home in Pala, I had no further plans. But after reaching there I felt the drive was finished soon. Then I saw a signboard to Sabarimala and picked up that direction. The thought process was to drive till the roads are good and I am not tired. Ended up 20km before Sabarimala where the cops stopped me and asked to go back. By then it was about 100km from where I started.

Sabarimala being one of a main pilgrim centre in Kerala, the roads were maintained very well. The usually busy route during the season was empty as the temple is closed due to Covid restrictions. First time I am driving north-south direction through the east side of Kerala. Usually the north-south drive is through west side, where the national highway is running or though centre where MC road is placed. But this was a different & a great experience.

Not many photos, it was mostly for the ride.


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