St.Thomas Mount

Evening bike ride to St. Thomas Mount Chapel, Kudakkachira / Valavoor, Pala. It is very near to this place. I am not sure if the church is permanently closed or it was closed due to locked down. It is at a very remote place and the last 1KM road is very narrow that hardly a car can pass.

The place is at a very high altitude and landscape there is very good. Since it is west facing, it’s better to go on an evening to experience sunset. I wanted to take my daughter also and asked her “Do you want to see sunset or waterfall?”. She said “I have online class now”. Now that Saturday lock-down is removed, we will go again on a Saturday.

I am liking my iPhone 12 Pro’s ultra wide camera & also started to liking B&W again. See the pics below & let me know what you think.


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