Wayanad again

This time to attend one of my close friend’s marriage. So it was a get-together of our friends and a wonderful trip as well. We started by around 7.00 AM on Friday morning and reached there by 3.00 PM with occasional pit stops in between. This time the weather, especially the sky, was clear unlike last time. So the photos came out good and colorful.
Our stay was in Coffee County resort, which was a pretty good one. However our taxi driver wasn’t happy at all as the road to the resort wasn’t in a good condition. There are 4 cottages and we were the only visitors that time, occupying two of them. The owner of the resort was a close friend of my friend who was with us, so we have got a very good reception there and the stay was really enjoyably.
Next day went for an exciting trekking to Chembra peak, which helped in burning out the calories we gained from the resort. The climb was very steep but we managed to complete the full 2.5km. The view from the top of peak was breathtaking. We had a guide and they were very strict about tourists throwing garages and plastic bottles. Overall that was a really nice experience. But again the road was very bad & taxi driver wasn’t happy.
Attended the wedding (sort of) on Sunday and returned to Bangalore.
Chekkadi, the rice bowl of Wayanad
Sun set view from paddy fields in Chekkadi,Wayanad
Coffee County Resort
Top of Chembra Peak, Wayanad
Tea estate in Chembra , Wayanad

See the trip video, completely made (shot + edit) using an iPhone 4s.



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