If you are looking for a medium difficulty trekking near Banglore, head to Madhugiri in Tumkur district. Its about 100Km north of Banglore. Its a good alternative to Nandi hills which is getting very crowded nowadays. Here you will face very less crowd on the hill. The steps are marked well and except a small stretch… Read More Madhugiri

Dynamic fields to Json in Scala

We have faced a situation where we needed to create Json representation for a dynamic set of fields & their values which represented by a Map[String, String]. Example: Scala class case class Person(name: String, age: String, customFields: Map[String,String]) Default Json representation of above class will be: { “name”: “anil”, “age”: “30”, “customFields”: { “field1”: “value1”,… Read More Dynamic fields to Json in Scala